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Letter of the Week

Looking to expand on your child’s learning outside of the school day? Here’s a fun and easy way to keep your kids excited about letters!

There’s no one right way to do a “letter of the week”. Some people like to focus on one letter for the entire week, some just focus on one letter for one particular day. Some introduce the letters in alphabetical order, others bounce around. One person may do both upper and lower case letters, another only upper. You get the picture…the possibilities are endless. The point is, you want to choose activities that are appropriate for the age and developmental level of your kiddo and that your child will connect with.

Here are 5 days worth of Letter of the Week activities to help you get started. Remember that you can pick and choose different activities based on your kid’s interests, and you can mix up the order to fit your schedule!

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Day 1 – Coloring Page

When we started Googling letter of the day coloring pages, we found a lot of great options! Unfortunately, just about all of them were tucked away behind an email list sign-up. No one wants to sign up for more e-newsletter spam just to get some coloring pages! So we decided to make our own, and make it SUPER EASY for you to download. Seriously, just click the button below:

Download Button for Letter of the Week Coloring Pages

A letter of the week coloring page is great for children to practice their fine motor skills and identify objects. It can also get them brainstorming ideas of things to be on the look for later in the week (see the day 3’s scavenger hunt).

Day 2 – Letter craft

Let your child get crafty and create something from the letter of the week! The great thing about this one is that the possibilities are truly endless. You can use materials you already have at home and let your child’s imagination run wild. If you’d like specific craft ideas, check out our Pinterest page or get started with this simple apple craft.

You will need:

  • Red, brown and green construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue or tape
  • Crayons, markers, paint, glitter pens, stickers, etc (whatever you want to use to decorate!)

Simply cut out, assemble, and decorate! 

Day 3 – Letter scavenger hunt

This is such a fun way to continue talking about your letter of the week and practicing the various sounds that letter makes, all while getting some energy out! Search around your house or go explore the great outdoors, and find as many things as you can that start with the letter of the week. Collect the items that you can, take pictures or what you can’t. Display your objects on a tray or a keep in a box for the week. Make a digital photo album of the pictures you took! Practice naming the objects and talking about the sound the letter says.

Day 4 – Sensory bag letter practice

There are so many different options to make a sensory bag. Fill a gallon size zip-lock bag with (not too much of) one of the following:

  • Shaving cream and food coloring
  • Colored body wash gel (you can find some sparkly stuff at the dollar store!)
  • Sprinkles
  • A flour, water, and food coloring mixture

Set out an example of the letter of the week for your child to look at and let them practice “writing” it on the sensory bag using their finger or a q-tip.

Day 5 – Letter of the week story time

There’s no shortage of great books that emphasize each letter. Be sure to follow us on Pinterest for great book ideas as we find them for each letter. Pick a book, or better yet, a different book for each day of the week, read it together with your child and talk about how the letter shows up, what the letter/words look like, and what sounds the letter makes.

If your little one doesn’t seem to have the attention span for long, wordy books, take a picture walk and talk about what you both see instead of reading it word for word. You can still pick out the letter as it shows up in prominent words throughout the text.

Some great A-book options include:

Whether your child is new to making sounds, or already a budding wordsmith, there are fun letter of the week activities for children of all ages! It’s always a great day to get your kids excited about letters, sounds, words and language!

Do you have other favorite letter of the week activities that you/your child absolutely love? Share them with us in the comments below or tag us in them on Social Media!

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