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Melanie Winters

Our Savior Lutheran Church

What is Christian Education?

Over the next several weeks, we’re going to be diving into Christian education here on the blog. Come along with us as we explore what Christian education is, what that looks like at Our Savior School, who Christian education is for, and more.  Defining Christian Education For the purposes of… Read More »What is Christian Education?

Fall Scavenger Hunt Bingo

To everything there is a season… The winds are shifting and the seasons changing. School is starting and the leaves will soon be falling… And that means it’s time to get outside and enjoy God’s beautiful creation! Save our fall scavenger bingo card to your phone (or print it) and… Read More »Fall Scavenger Hunt Bingo

Sent to Serve

Serving in the Covid Age

Our theme for the year is “Sent to Serve”, and what a year it is to consider this mission… It’s important to look at the ways in which serving one another looks different during the Covid Age. It’s easy to feel paralyzed during all of this uncertainty, and to feel… Read More »Serving in the Covid Age