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Worship & Service


Our Savior School comes together as a family each week to worship. Through the use of object lessons, Bible readings, and worship songs, we celebrate the relationship of mercy and grace we enjoy with God through His Son, our Savior; Jesus Christ. The services are led by one of our pastors or teachers. Chapel services last about 15 minutes and parents are encouraged to worship with us.


We want to equip children to learn how to be responsible stewards with the gifts and abilities with which God has blessed them. An offering is received as a part of each Chapel service. The children’s monetary gifts support a wide variety of different ministries that are outside the work and ministry of this church and school. In Chapel students also learn about using their abilities to help others while shining the light of Jesus in our world.

Offering Projects

Supporting Jacelyne

Born in in the village of Kinyago-Dandora, Kenya on April 23, 2008, Jacelyne dreams of someday becoming a teacher. But, fulfilling her dream is only possible through the ministry of the Kenya Children’s Fund. Jacelyne lives in a very poor village where families live in homes made of sticks and mud, with no windows, water, electricity or sanitation. There is no money for proper nutrition, health care or school fees (required in Kenya). Many children are forced to work long hours at hard, even dangerous jobs to provide food for their family (making only 15 to 35 cents per day).

Through the ministry of the Kenya Children’s Fund, Our Savior School students play an important role in ensuring Jacelyne’s education. Our Savior Students “adopted” their sister in Christ in 2012 when Jacelyne entered preschool. Each year OSS students are excited to continue their sponsorship, as they receive letters and pictures from Jacelyne. OSS donations are used to pay for a year of schooling, all of Jacelyne’s school materials, her uniform, and a hot meal each day.

OSS students have raised the sponsorship of Jacelyne every year through their Chapel offerings. When OSS children raise more than what is required the extra money is used to provide Jacelyne’s family with extras such as a Solar Light Kit, Easter and Christmas Care Baskets, and a special birthday present just for Jacelyne.

You may learn more about this powerful ministry by visiting kenyachildrensfund.org.