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Faculty Thanksgiving Traditions

It’s the season of Thanksgiving and we love learning about all the different traditions that make each family’s celebrations unique. Each family has an interesting blend of old and new customs, some of which are completely unheard of to another household. It’s always such an eye opening experience when we catch a glimpse of what goes on in someone else’s home, so we thought we’d share a little look into some of our faculty’s Thanksgiving traditions for you here now.

Emily Eivazzadeh

For as long as I can remember, my parents have always hosted Thanksgiving at our house. My dad is the primary chef for the meal. Growing up he and I would spend all day on Wednesday cooking for the entire family. He has been known to make two turkeys, two kinds of stuffing, celery casserole, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, canned and fresh cranberries, green bean casserole, and so much more. The one thing that he is not allowed to cook is the dinner rolls, those have always come from my grandma. They are so good my cousins would have dinner roll eating competitions.

Vicki Bradley

Our family celebrates Thanksgiving with a traditional turkey dinner, including pumpkin and apple pies. After dinner, we spread out the Black Friday ads on the floor and plan from there!

Sue Hipp

Thanksgiving at our house is all about getting together with family. We host a group of 35-40 of the Hipp family on the Saturday before Thanksgiving.   On Thanksgiving another gathering  with the Carlson family, another group of 30 plus people. I love to spend time working in our kitchen but most of all baking pies with my grandchildren and brother, Dan.

Sarah Score

For our Thanksgiving day, my husband, my two girls and I wake up and watch the parade on tv while we make morning quiche. Then in the afternoon we go to my husband’s parents’ house for dinner with his family.

HillieRe Wacker

As a child growing up, Thanksgiving was always spent at my uncle’s house, with all the extended family; cousins, aunts and uncles, siblings and grandparents. Before digging into our food, we would hold hands, pray, and go around the table, with everyone saying what they are thankful for. As families expanded, the tradition ended, and everyone started their own traditions. For the last few years, my husband Christian, our daughter Emma (ducky room), and our dog Monkey, have been traveling down to Iowa to stay the extended holiday weekend with Christian’s parents and brothers.

Jeannine Olson

My family traditions include  making stuffing  from my great grandmother’s recipe
and starting the watching of Christmas movies with the movie A Christmas Carol with Allister Sim.

What are your Thanksgiving traditions? We’d love to hear about all things silly, sweet and in between! Leave a note in the comments below or over on Facebook/Instagram!

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