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“Chopped Junior Champions” are crowned at Camp Genesis Cooking Camp

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Chopped Junior at Camp Genesis!
The campers have been training all week for the big competition. It has been a busy week for our campers as they prepare for the final Chopped Junior event. On Monday and Tuesday the students learned to cook many different items, learned new skills and experienced different flavors.

They have been visited by Chef Ryan Hipp who demonstrated how to make marinade for lamb chops, they then grilled the lamb chops and flank steak. Additionally, they have made pork schnitzel, Parmesan chicken, pizza dough and turned it into a breakfast braid, cinnamon rolls and empandadas. They’ve also experimented with preparing their plates to present to judges.

Today, the teams decided what they will cook for the “Chopped” competition. Things got real serious when they were presented with their “Secret Ingredients” for their final presentation. What will these campers come up with? Stay tuned as we see which team becomes the Chopped Junior Champions!

“Chopped Junior Champions” are crowned at Camp Genesis!

Congratulations to our Junior Chefs – The Blue Team! They wowed the judges and left them begging for more with their Chicken Wellington and Caesar Salad presentation.

Judges presented awards to our three other teams, as well.
– “Best Presentation” went to the Green Team for their Chicken Pizza platter
– “Most Ambitious” went to the Purple Team for their Maple/Pecan Crusted Chicken dish
– “Best Comfort Food” went to the Red team for their Chicken Pot Pie

The Junior Chefs learned a ton this week and are excited to share their new skills with their own families. Thanks for an awesome week!

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