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Preschool Graduation

Congratulations to our graduating preschoolers! May God bless you on your journey to Kindergarten. Our preschoolers entertained their families and friends with a fun LIVE LOVE program. They all did a great job! We also recognized two amazing woman… Miss Connie (Lamb Room teacher) and Elaine (administrative support). They both… Read More »Preschool Graduation

Lowery Nature Center Adventure

When you’re in preschool there is one end-of-year field trip you always look forward too… a trip to the Lowry Nature Center! Our preschoolers had a blast looking for hidden animals, exploring the woods, playing in the Nature Center play area, touching animals found in the woods of MN and… Read More »Lowery Nature Center Adventure

Preschoolers Donuts with their Dudes

Preschool celebrated the “Dudes” in their life with DONUTS WITH OUR DUDES. They had so much fun playing, eating donuts, and doing fun crafts with their special “dude”. I think our “dudes” enjoyed the morning, too. We are thankful for the special “dudes” in their lives.

Extended Care Bowling Fun

Turkey! Turkey! Turkey! No, we’re not talking Thanksgiving. The Extended Care kids went bowling over spring break and went a little crazy when a student bowled a TURKEY (three strikes in a row)! It was a great day for everyone! Extended Care kids enjoy many fun activities such as this… Read More »Extended Care Bowling Fun

Wind Art

Lambs learn about the effects of Wind. They learned that air is all around us and the World. They learned how hot air rises and cold air sinks. They really enjoyed learning that wind is air that moves while experimenting with paint and a hair dryer. Sometimes wind can do… Read More »Wind Art

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

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Kindergarten celebrated and remembered Martin Luther King Jr. Day last week. They learned that Martin Luther King Jr. wanted people to love each other, not hate. The kids also learned that we are all like a box of crayons. We are all different but together we make a beautiful picture.