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OSS Highlights

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

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Kindergarten celebrated and remembered Martin Luther King Jr. Day last week. They learned that Martin Luther King Jr. wanted people to love each other, not hate. The kids also learned that we are all like a box of crayons. We are all different but together we make a beautiful picture.

Cambodia Online Mission Trip

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We traveled to Cambodia! This week during National Lutheran Schools Week the kids took a virtual trip to Cambodia through a ministry called “Crossing Cambodia”. The kids watched videos and Mr. Limmel read some books about Cambodia. The kids even got to taste some traditional foods. But, here’s a couple… Read More »Cambodia Online Mission Trip

Extended Care Fun making cookies

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What better way to beat the cold weather than to make cookies! A couple EC kids helped make cookies and hot cocoa for a snack on a cold winter day. They were YUMMY!

Our Savior School Christmas Program

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Celebrating Christmas together! Our Savior school welcomed parents, grandparents and friends last week, as they presented Jesus: Light of the World. They did a fantastic job sharing the joy of Jesus’s birth in a fun and delightful way. Great Job!