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Ray Frigard and 3D Critical Thinking

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How many opportunities do kids get to work with an Artist-in-Residence?

At Our Savior School, kindergarten students love it when Ray Frigard (Artist-in-Residence) comes to the classroom to share Creative Thinking techniques. Ray helps the students think outside of the box, to see beyond the lines, and in this most recent session three-dimensionally.

Ray has created a game called Pattern Play 3D and challenges the kids to create three-dimensional designs. Our Kindergarten students love their time with Mr. Frigard during Creative Thinking. In his game “Pattern Play 3D” the kids are able to look at the cards and create the 3D picture using blocks. Some of those cards are harder than they look, but these kids are figuring them all out using their creative thinking skills. They did a great job!

Kindergarten at OSS offers many unique learning opportunities for our students. Discover why OSS is the right program for your child by visiting our website at www.oursaviorschool.org. 


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