Kindergarten – Coming Fall of 2019 Adding Kindergarten Foundation Jump Start for Fall 5’s

Kindergarten – Coming Fall of 2019 Adding Kindergarten Foundation Jump Start for Fall 5’s

Would you like to extend your child’s Our Savior School experience one more year?


Are you a family that is struggling with the question of whether or not to wait another year to start your child in Kindergarten?


Does your child “just miss” the September 1st cut off to start Kindergarten, but you want your child to build a strong Kindergarten foundation for when they meet the age requirement?


Are you planning to enroll your child in a language immersion program?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes” then Our Savior School Kindergarten program is a strong contender for your consideration.
Our Savior School’s Kindergarten classroom, an extension of our early childcare programming, is designed to meet the individual needs of each student spiritually, academically, socially and emotionally. Enrollment is open to children turning five years old on or before November 30th. Our Kindergarten is available on a full day 8:15am – 2:45pm basis to meet your child’s needs. Ask us about before and after school care options.

  • Christ-centered education

Our kindergarten will present an environment rich in faith development as students explore faith stories from the Old and New Testament books of the bible. These lessons include the teaching of songs and prayers to deepen a child’s relationship to Jesus.

  • Small class sizes enhance individual learning

Our kindergarten classroom is an environment rich in experiences to build on a student’s early literacy and academic skills through stories, phonics, Library, handwriting, math manipulatives, science exploration, Spanish, music, art and physical education activities.

  • First Grade and Immersion Prep

Students will be ready to begin first grade or enter into a language immersion classroom confident in their English language foundation.

  • Parent/Teacher Collaboration

Parents are encouraged to support this learning environment with tools that may be used at home to compliment the student’s development throughout the year. Parents may volunteer in the classroom and on field trips. Parents and teachers conference together in November and March.

  • Seasonal Assessment

Students also participate in MAPs assessment three times a year.

  • Tuition Assistance

Financial aid may be awarded to students unable to meet tuition requirements and who meet the criteria of the tuition assistance program. This is done through TADS (Tuition Assistance Data Service). TADS will provide financial need evaluation services that offer maximum benefit to the student and families.

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God’s will is that parents be a guide for their child’s life. Here at Our Savior School we share in that responsibility with you. One element of the kindergarten program includes working closely with parents to encourage the child’s spiritual, social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth. We believe that children learn by doing.

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Although we know that it is the Holy Spirit who works faith in hearts, we have Jesus Time to help children:

  • Worship and praise God
  • Learn about God their Father and His Son, Jesus through Bible stories
  • Come to know Jesus as their Savior and best Friend who cares for them
  • Express their growing faith in God by words and interactions with others
  • Grow in awe and wonder of all God has created.  Materials used in Kindergarten Jesus Time includes One In Christ, Concordia Publishing House and the Holy Bible.
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Language Arts

Our language arts program integrates reading, writing, speaking and listening. Our goals for the children include:

  • Read and write the letters of the alphabet
  • Develop phonetic awareness skills
  • Recognize beginning and ending letter sounds
  • Recognize rhyming words
  • Segment words to hear each sound
  • Blend sounds together to make words
  • Learn to appreciate good literature and to love reading
  • Have a beginning sight word vocabulary that they can read and write
  • Listen, follow directions and express their own ideas through speaking and writing


In Math, by the end of Kindergarten, students will:

  • Count with understanding
  • Sort, compare, and classify objects
  • Use a variety of methods to measure objects
  • Observe and create patterns
  • Understand and compute by adding and subtracting
  • Communicate mathematical ideas in a variety of ways
  • Make predictions based on information given
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Science & Social Studies

In Science, Kindergarten students will:

  • Grow in appreciation of God’s creations
  • Learn how God created us in His image and that we are all wonderfully made
  • Learn about the world, their environment, and the people around them, as well as God’s wonderful plan for us
  • Accept and help people everywhere
  • Learn about some of our country’s leaders
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Students meet weekly for technology instruction.

  • Basics of how to use Chromebooks
  • Math and Language Arts skill development
  • Assessment Tour


Activities are offered that help children:

  • Express their own ideas with a variety of media
  • Learn to appreciate music and art as gifts from God


Kindergarten is a fun time to be learning music. Through music, poetry, stories, movement, and rhythm instruments, students begin to explore the elements of music; rhythm, melody, and timbre. The children learn to use their large motor skills to play Orff instruments and dance simple dances. They sing and laugh often while learning to create music.

Social & Emotional Development

Activities and discussion times are planned to help children:

  • Develop positive self–esteem
  • Show independence and responsibility
  • Speak in front of peers
  • Channel emotions into appropriate outlets
  • Adjust to group situations
  • Learn to plan, work and communicate together

Physical Education

Fitness is Fun!  Students will participate in Physical Education five days a week through both non-locomotor and locomotor movements and fitness activities.

  • Gross Motor skills will improve through the use of scooters, jump ropes, balls and the use of the parachute
  • Manipulative skills will be practiced using bean-bags, juggling scarves and beach balls

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