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Our  Savior School

Laying a Foundation

Our Savior School is an arm of the Lord’s church established to assist parents in teaching their children about the love of Jesus Christ, that through the Holy Spirit, they may come to know Him as their Lord and Savior.  Upon this foundation of faith, Our Savior School strives to build a child’s learning and faith life.


Educating Minds

Our Savior School utilizes the abilities of teachers, parents, students, staff, and volunteers to present students with a challenging, motivating, and innovative curriculum.  In combination with the tools and skills necessary to enhance their learning through competent use of technology, our students will possess the 21st century skills necessary for high school, higher education, and their future in the work place.

Inspiring faith

Our Savior School, the church, and parents work together in teaching the students the importance and necessity of prayer, devotions, and daily study of God’s Word, the Bible.  OSS creates an atmosphere of caring and sharing where students learn to respect one another while building the necessary social skills that will enable them, with God’s help, to attain success as useful and productive Christian leaders and citizens.