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Koala Room (Infant – 16 months) Schedule



Time Activity
6:30 Koala Room Opens
9:00 Morning Snack served to children eating table food
11:30 Lunch is served for older children
12:30 – 3:00 Children getting one nap
3:30 Afternoon Snack served to children eating table food
6:00 Koala Room Closes

Activites to help the children develop spiritually, physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially will be incorporated into the children’s day around their other needs. Teacher led activities for individual children as well as toys to develop these skills will be used throughout the day.

For young infants, schedules will vary depending on their needs. Diapering, feeding and naps will all be based on guidance from the state as well as the individual child. As students get closer to entering the toddler room, the staff will work to getting their schedule closer to that of the toddler room in order to make the transition into that room as easy as possible.

Schedules will change depending on the varied needs of the (child)ren.