Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition and Fees Schedule Preschool & Childcare

Full Time (Over 5 Hours)*

No. of Days 5 4 3 2
Daily/Weekly $240.00 $200.00 $150.00 $100.00
Monthly Rate $1032.00 $860.00 $645.00 $430.00

Part Time (5 Hours or Less)*

No. of Days 5 4 3 2
Daily/Weekly $138.00 $110.00 $83.00 $ 55.00
Monthly Rate $593.00 $473.00 $357.00 $237.00

Preschool Rates (8:30 – 11:30 a.m.)

No. of Days 5 4 3 2
Monthly Rate $295.00 $245.00 $190.00 $146.00
Lunch Bunch (11:30am – 12:30pm) is avilable also daily for an aditional $10.00 per day.

Lunch Bunch* Plus = Rest and Playtime (11:30am-2:30pm)

No. of Days 5 4 3 2 1
Daily/Weekly $57.00 $57.00 $45.00 $35.00 $22.00
Monthly Rate $245.00 $245.00 $194.00 $151.00 $95.00

* Includes a hot lunch.

  • A family discount of 5% applies to the Early Childhood students, when a sibling attends Our Savior School, Extended Care, or Early Childhood programs.
  • Registration Fee $50.00.
  • Contract Renewal $35.00 in fall of each year.

2017/2018 Tuition and Fees

Schedule K-8

Kindergarten students receive full scholarships

1st – 8th Grade tuition is $4070

Grade Estimated cost per student Cost covered by OSLCS per child Final tuition cost due per child
Kindergarten $7,936 $7,936 $0
1st – 8th grade $7,936 $3,866 $4,070

Enrollment Fee: $150.00
1st – 8th Grade ( Fee will be applied toward tuition)

Other Related Fees include:

Annual Facility Fee – $500 per student; limit $1000 per family; kindergarten students are exempt; fee waived for members of Our Savior Lutheran Church; fee must be paid annually, semi-annually, or monthly.

Field Trips, Piano lessons, Band lessons, and Sports fees are not included in tuition.

Hot Lunch (Optional): K-5 grades – $3.75, 6-8 grades – $3.95, 4-8 grades (salads) – $4.70, Milk $.45 each, Snack milk $70 for the year.

* Lunch fees are subject to change in June following our contract negotiations

VOLUNTEERISM is strongly encouraged at OSS.

In an effort to promote all parents having a part in the education of their children, OSS administrates the Parent Involvement Program (PIP) program. This is NOT a revenue source for the school. PIP’s goal is to refund every penny to YOU.

Parent Involvement Program or PIP:

(The PIP fee is due the first day of school and is refundable as soon as the Volunteer Service hours have been completed.)
$200.00/ 2-parent family – equal to 20 Hours Volunteer Service
$100.00/1-parent family – equal to 10 Hours Volunteer Service

Pledge Form:

Several choices are available to our families for the Pledge Form which provides OSS with a third source of income for the school’s programming costs. These funds will provide needed materials and programs for enhancing each child’s education towards excellence including Spanish, Music, Art, Technology, and Tuition Assistance.

Tuition Assistance Program

OSS has a Tuition Assistance Program available. The Tuition Assistance Application window closes April 6, 2017.

Financial aid may be awarded to students unable to meet tuition requirements and who meet the criteria of the tuition assistance program.  This is done through TADS (Tuition Assistance Data Service).  TADS will provide financial need evaluation services that offer maximum benefit to the student and families.

  1. Parents must apply for tuition assistance annually.
  2. Aid will be divided among candidates who qualify based on the availability of funds and/or annual contributions.
  3. Emergency requests may be submitted and are subject to the program requirements and will be reviewed by the Education Committee before approval is granted.

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