Preschool Music

Preschool Music

Children are presented with wonderful opportunities to explore the process of creating music. Through the use of poems, rhymes, simple songs, movement, and Orff instruments, children explore steady beat, matching pitch, and simple music concepts like loud and soft, high and low. They have many opportunities to make a joyful noise to the Lord.

Elementary School Music

The music program at Our Savior School encourages every student to develop an appreciation for the gift of music. Students explore concepts in making music weekly.


Students in kindergarten through fourth grade meet once a week and perform every other month in a variety of worship services, including Chapel, church services, and graduation. Children learn proper vocal technique, posture and breathing exercises, vowel formation, and diction. They develop many of the musical concepts taught during classroom instruction such as rhythm, time signatures, dynamics, melody movement, and syncopation. Musical styles are presented to the children that include jazz, swing, gospel, hymn singing, and contemporary Christian music.




Kindergarten is a fun time to be learning music. Through music, poetry, stories, movement, and rhythm instruments, students begin to explore the elements of music; rhythm, melody, and timbre. The children learn to use their large motor skills to play Orff instruments and dance simple dances. They sing and laugh often while learning to create music.

1st/2nd Grade

First and second grade children develop their use of musical elements; rhythm, melody, timbre, tone color, and form. Music class also introduces the element of tone color, form, notation and the use of solfa syllables to develop their awareness of vocal intonations. Through the use of songs, poetry, stories, movement, and Orff instruments, the children further develop their skills in making music. They enjoy dancing and singing and having fun together.

3rd/4th Grade

Students are introduced to playing the recorder in 3rd grade and continue perfecting their skills in 4th grade. Students learn to produce a clear tone, read notes in the treble clef, decode musical notation, the key signatures of 2/2, 4/4, and 3/4 time. They also learn to play together in small ensembles such as duets and trios. Students are encouraged to play solo. Students are also introduced to rondo form.

Middle School Music

The music program at Our Savior School encourages every student to develop an appreciation for the gift of music. Students explore concepts in making music weekly. Middle school students participate in Chime Choir, and have the option to participate in piano and band.

Chime Choir

Students in middle school participate in a chime choir ensemble. Students meet weekly and focus on musical terms and notation, while learning to play the chimes as a unit. Students prepare secular and sacred music.

The chime choir performs at Wednesday Chapel, Sunday worship services, school programs, and other events as opportunities present themselves.





Beginning in second grade, students have the opportunity to learn to play the piano through in-house piano lessons taught by a professional piano teacher. Students meet weekly for a 30-minute lesson. All piano students have an opportunity to perform at the Annual Ribbon Festival and at the Spring Recital in May. Older students (4th grade – 8th grade) are also able to compete in the annual Midwest Music Festival with over 700 students.


Middle school students have an opportunity to be in band. Band students meet once a week for 30 minutes with the band instructor from Mayer Lutheran High School. Band students have the opportunity to participate in Monday night band, which is an ensemble where students prepare music for concerts with other students in Region II Schools. Students perform at Christmas time and a Spring concert in May. (A minimum of four students is required.)