National Lutheran Schools Week

National Lutheran Schools Week

January 22 – 27

Our Savior students will go on an On-Line Mission Trip through Lutheran Hour Ministries. The children, using the wonders of technology, will be going to the Asian nation of Cambodia.

They will learn about the people, their language, foods, explore wildlife and dive into their history. Missionaries to Cambodia will share all the exciting ways they are sharing the truth of Jesus’ redeeming love for the people in Cambodia. Our students can see how their mission dollars will spread the Good news of salvation through Jesus Christ to the people of Cambodia with our offering that will be brought to God’s altar.

cambodia mission trip
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Pride Week Events

Monday, January 22

Wear your favorite Hat Day

Tuesday, January 23

Wear school colors and show your school spirit

(Black, Gold and White)

Wednesday, January 24

Bring a picture of your pet(s) for pet day

Thursday, January 25

Wear the shirt/jersey of your favorite sports team

Friday, January 26

Wear PJ’s and bring your favorite stuffy

Saturday, January 27

Open House 4:00-6:00pm

Family Olympics Event 4:00-6:00pm

Chili Cook-Off 6:00pm