New Family Frequently Asked Questions

Does a child need to be Lutheran in order to attend Our Savior?

Our Savior School is open to all those who desire to have a Christian education for their children.


What Lutheran School system is Our Savior School affiliated with?

Our Savior is part of the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod (LCMS) which operates over 2,000 preschools, elementary schools, and high schools, along with 10 universities and 2 seminaries. LCMS schools are supported and networked by several professional organizations and advisory groups.


What programs do you offer young children?

The Early Childhood Center accepts children age 33 months through age five in our Kindergarten readiness program and provides full time child care for families who need it. We also have specific age appropriate classrooms and programs for three and four year old children.


Does the school offer full day Kindergarten?

Our Savior offers both half-day and full day Kindergarten. Full Day Kindergarten costs $3950.


What hours do you operate at Our Savior?

The Early Childhood Center and Extended Care (before and after school care) are open from 6:30am to 6:00pm, Monday through Friday. School begins every morning at 8:15am and dismisses at 2:45pm. Preschool begins at 8:30am and dismisses at 11:30am.


What are your classroom capacities in the elementary school?

The classrooms will comfortably hold approximately 22 – 25 students. We generally limit the Kindergarten classes to 20 students.


How much is your tuition?

School Tuition Schedules are available by calling the school secretary at 952-474-5181, x218.


Does tuition cover the entire cost of educating a child?

The cost of education factors in all direct and indirect costs associated with supporting a child’s education at Our Savior’s. A portion of this cost is funded from Our Savior Lutheran Church including costs such as mortgage, utilities, custodial support and equipment. Tuition and third source funds such as the Annual Gala event and Tuition Assistance program make up the difference of the per child costs.


Is there financial assistance available?

Our Savior uses Tuition Assistance Data Service (TADS) as a third party organization to objectively determine the amount of need a family is eligible to receive. Forms are sent home in all registration packets for families during spring registration. Families must file paperwork and submit necessary financial information prior to enrollment dates to determine the amount needed in our budget. Families are informed based on information provided and amount available from TADS.


What kind of curriculum is available?

The curriculum includes a progressive program of learning aligned with state standards. The classroom profiles provide a snapshot of how the curriculum is organized by grade as well as how each student will be prepared for the next grade level.


How does Our Savior decide their curriculum?

Our Savior’s curriculum is based upon state and national standards, local trends, and needs of our students. Our district and national officials also advise us through in-service workshops and conferences. The National Lutheran School Accreditation Association reviews our curriculum to ensure it is in compliance with accreditation standards.


What science programs does Our Savior have?

Our Savior has a hands-on science program developed by a major textbook publisher, our Lutheran school organization and our Lutheran university system. Science is taught from a Christian perspective.


What technology programs does Our Savior have?

Our Savior has developed the use of wireless technology and various applications which are integrated into the student’s classes and assignments. Applications include a managed on-line keyboarding program and Microsoft Office Professional software. An on-line technology curriculum has been adopted to teach these applications, plus web browsing skills.


Does the school teach a foreign language?

Our Savior provides Spanish instruction to all students in preschool through grade 8.


How do the school test scores compare to area schools?

Kindergarten through 8th grade students will be given MAPS  (Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®)) three times a year; fall, winter, and spring. Teachers will share the MAP results with parents at the fall and winter Parent Teacher Conferences. Spring results will be sent home for parents to review. Teachers and/or parents may request a conference to discuss the results.


How do Our Savior’s graduates do in High School?

Our graduates participate in choir, drama, athletics and leadership activities, and 70% of our graduate students regularly obtain honor roll recognition in high school. Most of the graduates move into Minnetonka, Chaska, Mayer Lutheran, Southwest Christian, or other local high schools.


How can I be involved in my child’s education?

Our Savior encourages parents to take an active role in their child’s education. Our school offers a variety of activities and degrees of involvement throughout the school year. Fundraising projects and other volunteer activities provide ways to be visible and give a precious gift of time.


How is the school administered?

Currently, our school is run by a part-administrator. A volunteer team of parents are part of our Education Committee that provides financial, communication, academic, and marketing committees to support the vision and mission of the school.


Are all the teachers degreed?

Our teachers graduate with degrees in education. All of our teachers hold valid state teaching licenses and all are on professional development plans.


Is the school accredited?

Our Savior is fully accredited by the National Lutheran School Accreditation


Does the school have sports and after-school programs?

Students at Our Savior can participate in a variety of after-school programs which are determined each fall. Sports that are generally offered would include volleyball, basketball, wrestling, track and flag football. Tackle football is offered through the Mayer Lutheran High Knights program for junior high boys.


Is there chapel each week?

Each Wednesday at 8:30am students in our child care program through the 8th grade participate in worship led by our church and teaching staff in the sanctuary. Before chapel, students will meet in a small “family group” of about eight students for a brief devotion and discussion. These “family groups” are led by our church and teaching staff and are made up of students from various grade levels, Kindergarten through 8th grade. During chapel, students will sit together in their “family groups.”


What are the student-teacher ratios in your classes?

For preschool – 10 students for one teacher or aide. Kindergarten through grade 8 – approximately 14 students per teacher.