Elementary School

Elementary School

Private Elementary School Excelsior, MN


Elementary school is an exciting time, where we will stretch your child’s mind, as well as their heart. At Our Savior School we offer a rigorous academic program that encourages students to  exceed beyond their own expectations, while strengthening their walk with the Lord.

Educating students with confidence

Accredited through the national office for National Lutheran School Accreditation (NLSA), as well as NAEYC (for Kindergarten), Our Savior School (OSS) engages students in a proven curriculum designed with the integration of technology and media to confidently prepare students for high school and beyond.

OSS teachers continually review the curriculum and evaluate it for effectiveness and relevance. In addition to core curriculum, OSS students experience STEAM integration, S.M.A.R.T. integration, Spanish, music, art, physical education, health, band/piano, and technology education.

Our Savior School creates an atmosphere of caring and sharing where students learn to respect one another while building the necessary social skills that will enable them, with God’s help, to attain success as useful and productive Christian leaders.


I want my children to learn in an environment where their faith is just as important as their academics.
OSS parent


Academic Assessment

Elementary School students (K-4th) participate in the Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®). This adaptive reading, math, and language arts test identifies a student’s instructional level. Teachers are able to personalize instruction in order to maximize every students’ academic growth. Parents receive feedback to better equip them in helping their child excel in school.

Average test scores from OSS students consistently rank above the state of Minnesota average.

Individual Academic Plan (IAP)

OSS recognizes that not all students learn at the same pace. OSS’s IAP program provides collaborative/consultative support for students who show high potential, as well as those who need extra support in the classroom. Contact Fred Limmel, Principal, for more information on how this program works.

Multi-grade classrooms

Our Savior School maximizes learning through the use of multi-grade classrooms for our first through fourth grades. Our goal is to establish a nurturing community for academic and social excellence.

There is little strength in starting over when it’s not your choice… few teachers would choose to face each year at a different school, with different students, different materials, and different procedures. OSS understands that students benefit more, both academically and socially, from establishing a relationship with their teachers over the course of several years.

Multi-grade classrooms are beneficial for students, educators, and parents.

Benefits for Students

  • Positive, nurturing environment
  • Peer support, mentoring
  • Opportunities to grow leadership skills
  • Personalized learning
  • Small group instruction
  • Longer time to build relationship with teacher
  • Increased self-esteem, confidence
  • Lasting friendships with students in multiple grade levels

Benefits for Educators

  • Stronger relationship with students and parents
  • Better able to address individual student needs
  • Longer time to monitor students to recognize effectiveness of teaching
  • More stimulation, creative work environment
  • Fewer discipline problems in class

Benefits for Parents

  • Stronger relationship with teacher
  • More opportunities to take an active role in child’s education
  • Child more positive about school
  • Child is given appropriate support/challenge depending on their individual achievement level
  • Child learns to be pro-social, independent and responsible
  • Child learns to self initiate

Our commitment to Technology

All students are equipped with current technology that will empower them to access information, work efficiently, enhance communication and collaborate with teachers and other students. Each classroom is equipped with SmartBoards to enhance learning experiences.

The technology vision of OSS is to provide all students, faculty, and staff with current technology tools that will empower them for information access, work efficiency, enhanced communication, and collaborative activities. This will help students in:

  • Becoming more proficient in reading, writing, mathematics, and critical thinking
  • Developing competency with current and changing technologies
  • Being prepared for the next level of education
  • Successfully attain the skills and proficiencies required of today’s work force
  • Developing a wide range of communication skills

Chromebook Tablet Integration in 3rd and 4th grade introduces students to the tool and prepares them for Middle School.

Students will:

  1. become familiar with the Chromebook
  2. learn keyboarding skills and how to use the touch screen
  3. integrate IXL into their Math and Language curriculum

Putting these devices in the hands of students becomes a teaching opportunity for “equipping students to be mature disciples of Christ” in the technological world they are entering – not to mention added excitement in learning.

Technology offerings

1:1 Chromebook (K-4th)

integration into various curriculum activities


in every classroom – large interactive touch screens that allow teachers and students to view and interact with lessons from the computer


a Web-based, self-paced tool to help students excel in math and language arts

Web-based resources

a robust e-learning environment where students can access classroom and learning resources anywhere, anytime

Internet Safety

SonicWall filters functionality when accessing the internet

Hour of Code

Program designed to de-mystify code and get students excited about Computer Science.

Our Savior School follows and builds upon the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). These standards evaluate the skills and knowledge students need to learn effectively and live productively in an increasingly global and digital world.

Simply being able to use technology is no longer enough. Today’s students need to be able to use technology to analyze, learn and explore. Digital age skills are vital for preparing students to work, live and contribute to the social and civic fabric of their communities.


standards focus on six areas of education:

  1. Communication and collaboration
    Students use digital media and environments to communicate and work collaboratively, including at a distance, to support individual learning and contribute to the learning of others.
  2. Creativity and innovation
    Students demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develop innovative products and processes using technology.
  3. Research & information fluency
    Students apply digital tools to gather, evaluate, and use information.
  4. Critical thinking, problem solving & decision making
    Students use critical thinking skills to plan and conduct research, manage projects, solve problems, and make informed decisions using appropriate digital tools and resources.
  5. Digital citizenship
    Students understand human, cultural, and societal issues related to technology and practice legal and ethical behavior.
  6. Technology operations & concepts
    Students demonstrate a sound understanding of technology concepts, systems, and operations.

Why are standards important?

Technology has forever changed not only what we need to learn, but the way we learn. The ISTE Standards set the bar for excellence and best practices in learning, teaching and leading with technology in education.

The benefits of using the ISTE Standards include:

  • Improving higher-order thinking skills, such as problem solving, critical thinking and creativity
  • Preparing students for their future in a competitive global job market
  • Designing student-centered, project-based and online learning environments
  • Guiding systemic change in our schools to create digital places of learning
  • Inspiring digital age professional models for working, collaborating and decision making


Our Savior School is excited to introduce STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) into our curriculum. We believe the integration of STEAM into students’ daily life is important to their future… it’s a collaborative project based education model that allows students to work together to creatively come up with solutions to problems that allows them to think outside of the box.

Our Savior School provides learning experiences that develop problem solving skills, enhance curiosity during the discovery process, allow an open-ended frame work for exploratory learning, and create a collaborative structure in which every student is actively engaged in the process.

  1. STEAM lessons will focus on real-world issues and problems.
  2. STEAM lessons will be guided by the engineering design process.
  3. STEAM lessons will immerse students in hands-on inquiry and open-ended exploration.
  4. STEAM lessons will involve students in productive teamwork.
  5. STEAM lessons will apply rigorous math and science content our students are learning.
  6. STEAM lessons will allow for multiple right answers and reframe failure as a necessary part of learning.
  7. STEAM lessons will involve students in the use of elements of art design so that their products are attractive and appealing.



Our Savior School offers an exceptional Spanish program. Spanish is taught to all students on a weekly basis starting in Preschool through 8th grade.

OSS students are guided to learning more Spanish through hands-on activities, games, visuals, participation, movement/following directions (Total Physical Responses), music/singing, dance, dialogues/skits, guest speakers, listening, repetition, memorization, reading, writing, speaking, and cultural activities.


Physical Education

Daily physical education provides students with fundamental movement skills in a variety of games, dances, and movement activities. This program enhances students’ personal fitness and provides them with the knowledge and skills necessary to engage in a variety of physical activities. Additionally, this program reinforces students’ personal and social responsibility, self-directed learning, problem solving skills, and the desire to lead a physically active life.

Arts Attack Program

The goal of this program is to teach every child how to express himself/herself through art. This demands that the students learn to see and experience the world in a different way. The language of art, like the language of words, requires the learning of skills and concepts that will allow the free flow of expression.

The Art instructors teach the elements and principles of art and drawing in a developmental and sequential way, as well as to study the art of other artists, cultures and historical periods. In all areas of study, the emphasis is on motivation and self-expression.

Recognizing that children learn what they are excited about, the subjects of the Arts Attack lessons have been selected through years of working with students in the classroom. The focus of the hands-on lessons is to utilize the process of visualizing, synthesizing and expressing through a wide variety of media.

A unique strength of this program is that it has been created not in theory, but in practice in classrooms with the help of dozens of teachers and thousands of students.


SMART Integration (Kindergarten)

S.M.A.R.T. enables the teacher to create opportunities in the classroom for a multi-sensory approach to learning.  Lessons are designed to develop and enhance the physiological and neurological readiness skills that students need to succeed in school.  With these readiness skills in place, students have the necessary tools to read, write, and receive information.  Students will increase foundational skills such as balance, coordination, reflex pattern integration, kinesthetic awareness, as well as visual and auditory skills.  A stronger, healthier and happier brain, increases a child’s ability to successfully think, remember and learn.  Parents will find S.M.A.R.T. used with our Prekindergarten and Kindergarten students.


The music program at Our Savior School encourages every student to develop an appreciation for the gift of music. Students explore concepts in making music weekly.


Students in kindergarten through fourth grade meet once a week and perform every other month in a variety of worship services, including Chapel, church services, and graduation. Children learn proper vocal technique, posture and breathing exercises, vowel formation, and diction. They develop many of the musical concepts taught during classroom instruction such as rhythm, time signatures, dynamics, melody movement, and syncopation. Musical styles are presented to the children that include jazz, swing, gospel, hymn singing, and contemporary Christian music.



Kindergarten is a fun time to be learning music. Through music, poetry, stories, movement, and rhythm instruments, students begin to explore the elements of music; rhythm, melody, and timbre. The children learn to use their large motor skills to play Orff instruments and dance simple dances. They sing and laugh often while learning to create music.

1st/2nd Grade

First and second grade children develop their use of musical elements; rhythm, melody, timbre, tone color, and form. Music class also introduces the element of tone color, form, notation and the use of solfa syllables to develop their awareness of vocal intonations. Through the use of songs, poetry, stories, movement, and Orff instruments, the children further develop their skills in making music. They enjoy dancing and singing and having fun together.

3rd/4th Grade

Students are introduced to playing the recorder in 3rd grade and continue perfecting their skills in 4th grade. Students learn to produce a clear tone, read notes in the treble clef, decode musical notation, the key signatures of 2/2, 4/4, and 3/4 time. They also learn to play together in small ensembles such as duets and trios. Students are encouraged to play solo. Students are also introduced to rondo form.



Beginning in second grade, students have an opportunity to learn to play the piano through in-house piano lessons taught by a professional piano teacher. Students meet weekly for a 30 minute lesson. Additionally, students practice in groups to help them build confidence in playing in front of others. Elementary school piano students perform at two events… the Annual Ribbon Festival and an end of the year Spring recital in May. Fourth grade students also have the option to compete in the annual Midwest Music Festival.

Curriculum Overview

Our Savior School builds a curriculum upon a body of knowledge that will assure students a strong academic foundation through which they may build high literacy skills and academic excellence.  Students will also develop their relationship skills as they work together and practice love and respect for each other.  A strong foundation in God’s Word, the Bible, becomes the foundation to inspire their faith in Jesus Christ.


The religion program is Concordia Publishing House’s One in Christ.  Its lessons are designed to help children see God’s love in sending Jesus to redeem them.  Stories from both the Old and New Testament reinforce this.  Also concepts of faith, such as Law and Gospel, confession, repentance, forgiveness, and grace are emphasized throughout.  Memory work for 1st – 4th grade students involves Bible passages, hymns, prayers, and elements of Luther’s Small Catechism.

Language Arts

Language Arts classes consist of reading, English, spelling, phonics, and handwriting – including cursive writing (beginning in 2nd grade).  These lessons are designed to be accessible for all students as they develop their comprehension skills, vocabulary acquisition, and mature in their writing skills.


Children will explore the wonder of God’s world and strive to care for it. The goal is to encourage children to ask questions, wonder, explore, and learn about the world around them.

Social Studies

Children will realize that personal actions make a difference in the world and their community.  They will grow in their understanding and appreciation for our country, its history, geography, democratic values, traditions, and multiculturalism thereby becoming responsible citizens.



Daily math lessons are designed to be accessible for all students using a systematic, step-by-step approach to developing mathematic concepts and skills.


Children will gain confidence with their technical world and gain skills in the use of these tools.  Children will use laptops and Chromebook tablets as they develop their skills with keyboarding and research.  They will begin to develop skills using  Google drive tools.

All the extras

Our students are enriched daily with experiences that go above and beyond our core curriculum. As part of our mission to be a welcoming, equipping, and sharing family of Christ, we strive to enhance our students’ learning experience with a variety of opportunities that include, but are not limited to:



Art Fair

Social & Science Fair


Spelling Bee

Walk-n-Roll Marathon

Eagle Olympics


Play Day

100-mile Club


Serving the Lord

chapel photo

Weekly Chapel Group

Raking for a Cause
(3rd & 4th grades)

National Lutheran School Week

Christmas Musical

Pennies for Patients

Adopt a Student


Field Trips


MN History Center

MN Arboretum

MN Apple Orchard

Old Log Theater

MN Zoo

Paper Making


TangleTown Farms


Frequently asked questions

Must we be Lutheran in order to attend Our Savior School (OSS)?

Our Savior School is open to all who desire to have a Christian education for their children.

With what Lutheran School system is Our Savior School affiliated?

OSS is part of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod which operates over 2,000 preschools, elementary schools, and high schools, along with 10 universities and two seminaries. LCMS schools are supported and networked by several professional organizations and advisory groups.

What hours do you operate at OSS?

K – 8th grade school hours are from 8:15 am to 2:45 pm. Before and after school care is open at 6:30 am before school until 6:00 pm after school. All day summer care is also available.

What are your classroom capacities in elementary school?

The classrooms will comfortably hold approximately 18 – 20 students.

How much is your tuition?

Tuition is $3950 per child per year. Student enrolling in Kindergarten receive a full scholarship. Financial assistance is available through an application process.

How does OSS decide their curriculum?

OSS’s curriculum is based upon state and national standards, local trends, and needs of our students. Our district and national officials also advise us through in service workshops, and conferences. National Lutheran School Accreditation reviews all curriculum to ensure compliance with accreditation standards.

Does OSS offer bussing?

Yes, OSS does have bussing through the Minnetonka School District. Contact the school office for more information (952-474-5181 x218).


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