Discover Kindergarten

Discover Kindergarten

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Why choose Our Savior School for Kindergarten?

The decisions you make for your children today, greatly influence the decisions they make in the future. Our Savior School (OSS) gives students a solid foundation in faith formation and academic excellence, while respectfully collaborating with parents to raise Christian children who excel in all areas of their life. OSS meets the community right where it can make the most significant impact — the lives of its young people.

Our Savior School is the ideal Kindergarten setting for families who

  • Would like to extend their child’s OSS experience one more year
  • Are struggling with the question of whether or not to wait another year to start their child in Kindergarten
  • Does your child “just miss” the September 1st cut off to start Kindergarten, but you want your child to build a strong Kindergarten foundation for when they meet the age requirement?
  • Are planning to enroll their child in a language immersion program?

OSS offers Christ-centered education in a small classroom setting that enhances individual learning. Our students are prepared for first grade or an immersion program. OSS is nationally accredited through National Lutheran School Accreditation (NLSA) and the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

RSVP by clicking the link below or calling/emailing Emily Eivazzadeh at emily.eivazzadeh@oslcs.org or 952-474-5181 (x222).